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Fordham Volunteer Fair Shows Fordham’s Mark on the World

Katie Berry

Photo by Katie Berry

Fordham’s Volunteer Fair took place in the plaza today from 11:30 to 2:30pm. Tables were lined up with different groups from Fordham and various organizations throughout the city. I took the time to see what volunteer projects were available to Fordham College at Lincoln Center students and was completely overwhelmed by the amount of service opportunities so close to campus or even directly on campus! It made me realize how fortunate we are, as students, to be apart of this generous Fordham community.

Both Campus Ministry and Global Outreach were Fordham groups that were represented at today’s fair. Global Outreach spearheads service projects, domestic and abroad, during school breaks and Campus Ministry provides many opportunities to connect with others in the community. For more information, check out good old Fordham.edu!

For students looking to venture off campus, Free Arts NYC offers weekly opportunities to encourage children to get involved in the arts and explore their artistic talents. The Momentum Project offers weekly volunteer positions where students can help serve meals to people afflicted with HIV/AIDS. I actually took part in this project the last two years and am hoping to do so again! I find it inexplicable to describe what my community service has taught me, but it was undoubtedly something that would not have been learned from sitting in a classroom and listening to a professor’s lecture. Now I know we all live very busy lives, but if you could give an hour of your time once a week or every other week, do so! Community service adds an invaluable layer to your life!

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