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Helpful Harry: The First Adventure, Meals on Heels

Harry Huggins, opinions editor

As an incoming student, I had visions of going out every weekend and doing service projects around New York. Of course, reality came in the form of homework and weekend nights and I completely lost touch with my service goals, not taking part in even one volunteer project.

Until now. I’m back with a vengeance, baby, and by vengeance I mean commitment to helping others.

For my first outing, I signed up for the Dorothy Day Center’s Service Day, taking place on the ninth anniversary the World Trade Center attacks. My reasoning: half to take advantage of a conveniently early time, half as a way to observe the day itself.

For Service Day, we delivered meals to elderly citizens in their homes around the Hell’s Kitchen/Times Square neighborhood as part of the Meals on Wheels (Meals on Heels in our car-deprived experience) program.

Although the main point of the program is to provide a vital service to the less-than-mobile members of our community, for many of the people the fact that they can have even brief human contact seemed more appreciated than the meals themselves.

Lesson learned: pay attention to senior citizens.

Until next time, Helpful Harry Huggins.

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