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Fitness Friday: Everybody’s Hot, Hot, Hot… Yoga!

Katie Berry

Photo by Katie Berry.

In an effort to shed those few extra pounds that are synonymous with the lazy summer attitude that prevails over the majority of us, I thought I would try what exercise magazines and fitness gurus have been raving about: Bikram Yoga! Bikram consists of 26 Hatha Yoga poses and postures done in a heated room–so hot it makes everyone’s worst nightmare of an AC blowout in a heat wave seem like a trip to the Arctic. I sweated more in the 90-minute class than I have in my entire life!

Why the need for such extreme heat? The heated rooms actually helps rejuvenate the body by allowing it to sweat out harmful toxins. The heat also allows you to strengthen and stretch your muscles simultaneously to reach their maximum capacity. Each of the 26 postures has a multitude of benefits that range from supporting chemical balance and mental relaxation to aiding vital, internal systems such as the endocrine, reproductive and digestive systems.

However, what really caught my eye was the price! Bikram Yoga NYC is offering a limited time special where newcomers pay only $30 for 30 days of classes! This is quite the steal, considering the going rate for one class is $23 or $15 with your Fordham ID. Another great feature is the close proximity to the Fordham Lincoln Center campus. Fordham’s central positioning is equidistant from Bikram NYC’s two prime locations. Their Midtown location is 797 8th Ave. at 49th St., and their Upper West Side location is at 143 West 72nd Street. It’s practically in Fordham’s backyard!

The start of school signals the perfect opportunity to take the time to relax, reduce stress, slim and tone. If you’re interested in trying remember to bring a mat, towel and plenty of water, that is! Namaste all Fordham yogis!

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