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National Clean Hands Week Keeps it Clean!

Heather Foye

Are you ready to stay squeaky-clean FCLC? National Clean Hands Week has just begun and runs through September 25 with the goal of reminding everyone that maintaining hygienic hands is one of the easiest ways to prevent illnesses. In an environment such as college, where thousands of students are in close proximity to each other in dorms and classrooms, it is vital that we do everything we can to always wash our hands. We are fortunate enough to have running water at our disposal on a daily basis in our country, and we should effectively use this to our advantage. In order to ensure that all FCLC students stay healthy, we have compiled a list of tips in honor of the week.

1 . Washing hands should mean using, SOAP AND WATER, to effectively kill germs. Lather up!

2 . Not sure if your washing your hands for long enough? It is recommend that you spend about 20 seconds washing; about the time it takes to hum the Happy Birthday song twice.

3 . Wash your hands a lot (there is no such thing as over washing). Not only after you use the facilities, but after you sneeze, cough, get off of the subway, touch animals or take out the trash. Also, remember the most important rule your mother taught you—wash your hands before every meal. Your mother was right.

4 . Try to wash with warm water. Warm water creates more suds than cold water and therefore aids in removing a greater amount of debris from hands.

5 . Don’t forget to dry your hands with a towel or air dryer to eliminate the germs that are suspended within the water particles on your hands.

6 . Do (frequently) use the sanitizer gel dispensers that are located around Fordham when soap and water are not available.

7 . The walls are not very clean; so don’t touch them as you walk through the halls. Just remember the phrase I learned through my elementary school song “As your walking through the halls keep your fingers off the walls. That’s a rule, that’s a rule in our school.”

Enjoy National Clean Hands Week, and don’t forget to celebrate thoroughly!

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