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Theater Students Perform in Parking Space

Ariella Mastroianni

John Bezark, FCLC '14, performs. Photo by Ariella Mastroianni.

On Friday, Sept. 17, Fordham’s freshman theater students got to perform in a new space–a parking space, that is.

This was the third year Fordham participated in the annual Shakespeare in the Park (ing) Space, a national event that helps “reduce car traffic and increase civic life,” according to FCLC’s Director of Theater, Matthew Maguire. “Streets don’t need to be as big as they are.” The action starts at around 7 in the morning as people start to put quarters in the meter just across the street from the front of Lowenstein, outside of student favorite deli Alan’s.

Photo by Ariella Mastroianni.

The space, created entirely by cardboard, was designed by an FCLC architecture class taught by Colin Cathcart, who has participated in the project each year. In fact, Fordham’s participation was suggested by a colleague of Cathcart, inspiring him to take his class’s first assignment of building a cardboard chair and putting it outside to create theater seating. “We create a full-service park. It winds of being a lot of fun,” said Cathcart.

For the student’s, the event was certainly an experience. “It’s an interesting challenge to work in these conditions,” said John Bezark, a freshman from California who’s been acting since he was about eight years old. “It’s really neat,” he adds.

George Drance performs for his students in their parking space. Photo by Ariella Mastroianni.

Before his turn to perform, I asked FCLC Teacher of Acting and Co-Director of the event George Drance what he thought would come of their participation. “Everything,” he replied.

For more info on the event, check out: http://www.ny1.com/?ArID=105943

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