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New Cable Channels in McMahon

Julia O’Donnell, copy editor

Returning students may have noticed additional channels to the Fordham cable line-up this fall. Three new channels are now included in McMahon Hall’s basic cable package, including Food Network (channel 59), Travel Channel (channel 60) and Cartoon Network (channel 61).

According to Ryan O’Toole, Vice President for Student Affairs for United Student Government (USG), “In January of last year, many students came to USG expressing concern over the quality of the cable in McMahon.  They said that their channels went in and out and that there was often static.  These complaints made us investigate the TV channels in McMahon.  As we started these conversations, we decided that we wanted to see how many channels we could add to [the line-up].”  USG then conducted a survey for resident students with 8-10 additional channel choices other than Food Network, Travel Channel and Cartoon Network, which included FX, HGTV, Disney, NHL Network and CMT, to name a few; students were given the option to choose three that they would like to see added.

If your favorite channel didn’t make the cut, don’t worry. O’Toole said, “As of now, we would love to continue to add channels to the lineup in McMahon.  We always strive to improve the quality of life for Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) students, and as such we would definitely consider adding more.”

McMahon’s cable television services are operated and maintained by Privatel, Inc. In addition to the basic cable provided to students free of charge, premium channels (which include HBO, HBO2, and HBO Signature) are also available for purchase; these additional channels cost $89.95 per semester, with a reduced rate for the summer months, according to the University’s IT website.

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