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Coming to an Avenue Near You!

Katie Berry

If you walk a mere three blocks from Fordham Lincoln Center Campus, it seems as though 57th street to 55th street, along 8th avenue, is under construction! The good news is, in about two months, when everything is done, there will be great new places for Fordham students to explore! From fashionistas to foodies, there is something to satisfy all Fordham students’ diverse tastes.

Photo by Katie Berry.

For the bargain shoppers, a T.J. Maxx is coming right to 250 West 57th Street. The Grand Opening will be held on November 11 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Be sure to stock up for fall with cardigans, boots, and skinny jeans, all at prices that won’t make your wallet skinny!

Photo by Katie Berry.

If you walk down the block, Huey’s 24/7 Diner is opening soon! Huey’s 24/7 Diner is a chain restaurant that started in New Orleans. This place offers all the traditional favorites synonymous with a diner; great sandwiches, omelets served all day and large portions of fries. In addition to the classics, Huey’s 24/7 Diner will be serving up New Orleans inspired shrimp dishes and jambalaya. This could rival Fordham’s favorite, The Flame, for best diner in the area! Plus, too many late night appearances can become embarrassing; it’s good to switch it up!

Photo by Katie Berry.

Directly across the street from Huey’s, another new place by the name of Bread & Honey is in the works. Not much seems to be known about it, but check it out here on ZagatBuzz: http://blog.zagat.com/bread-honey-coming-to-midtown. Be sure to keep an eye out for these new places coming to an avenue near you!

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