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Going Postal in the McMahon Package Room!

Cristina Romano

Were you annoyed last semester at not being able to receive the care package your mother sent you because it was a Saturday? Well thanks to the new hours of the package room in McMahon, you will now be able to access deliveries, even on the weekend. In addition to being open later during the weekdays (now open on Wednesdays until 7 p.m.!) the package room is now open on Saturdays until 1 p.m., for the first time ever.

In addition to longer hours, package services has now upgraded to a “web-based package delivery system.” This allows students to sign up for text message or e-mail alerts whenever they receive a package. “Many residents do not know about this since it is such a new change” said one of the mail workers, pointing to the “forgotten” boxes piling up behind him.

In order to be included in the system, residents must have either given their RA their cell phone number during move-in, or they must come to the package room window and fill out a form stating their name, room number, phone number and/or e-mail.  This new feature is definitely a “must” if you are one of those people who forget to check your mail on a regular basis and don’t feel like waiting to find a slip of paper inside your mailbox informing you of your delivery. For a full list of hours, check the sign posted outside the door in McMahon.

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