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Taking on Taboo: Students Put Islamophobia Into the Spotlight

Kyle Morrison

Few remained silent for the entirety of Wednesday night’s Islamophobia event, as over fifty students and faculty met in McMahon 109 for what would become a passionate discussion surrounding an issue currently at the forefront of American consciousness. The topic was Islamophobia, which was to be examined that night through the debate surrounding the “Cordoba House,” or as the media has sensationalized it, “The Ground Zero mosque.”

The evening’s event, which largely consisted of a back and forth between a panel and the audience, lasted over two hours, with many staying later to continue the discussion. Sitting on the panel were FCLC professors Chris Toulouse, Maureen O’Connell and Katherine Kueny, who were joined by Joseph Ward, the Communications Director of Intersections International, a group that has been working to promote community understanding and tolerance in relation to the mosque debate.

While Maureen O’Connell led the discussion, it was largely the efforts of Fordham Students Ojala Naeem (FCLC ’12) and Urooj Rahman (FCLC ’11) that brought the evening together. It was a successful start to what the two hope will be a continued series of dialogues surrounding important issues that many avoid out of a fear of controversy. However, as was evident on Wednesday, Islamophobia, or simply racism as many preferred to call it that night, can only remain hidden as long as we let it.

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