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Waffle Truck Graces Fordham With its Presence

Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

Waffles & Dinges, a.k.a. the waffle truck, a favorite of many Fordham students, is back on campus! The truck, which sells a variety of waffles with seemingly infinite toppings, as well as hot coffee and other beverages, spent many days nearby in the spring and fall of 2009 on 60th and Broadway, but today, their newest addition to the fleet, a cart, is set up right outside Lowenstein on 60th Street. What a perfect way to pass the time waiting for the Ram Van!

The cart will be feeding happy Fordham students until 6 p.m. today, and they’re sure to return. Follow them on Twitter at twitter.com/waffletruck for their most up-to-date locations.

My recommendation: try the liege waffle with powdered sugar and strawberries. Check out their Twitter page for the secret password for a free topping (beware, sometimes dancing or singing is required). The warm, sweet goodness tastes just like the treats found on the streets of Belgium, for a lot less than the cost of a flight over the Atlantic! Enjoy!


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