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New York Film Festival Underway, Free Tickets Available!

Cristina Romano

Celebrating new work by directors across the world, the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s 48th annual, prestigious New York Film Festival is officially underway. The festival opened with The Social Network, on September 24th, and features “Main Slate” selections such as a new rendering of The Tempest starring Helen Mirren and a closing night performance on October 12th of Hereafter, an emotionally-charged piece about contacting the dead, directed by Clint Eastwood. While tickets are still available to be purchased for upcoming films on The New York Film Festival’s website, there is a way to score tickets to select films for free!

Every day, until closing night, details are posted on the Film Society’s Twitter page. The tweets will tell you to go to a location in the neighborhood (usually the Lincoln Center fountain) at a certain time and look for a Twitter sign in order to be awarded with free tickets. After all, there really is nothing better than something that is free.

A day-by-day schedule of all the films that are playing can be found on the New York Film Festival’s website.

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