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Big. Shiny. Naked.

Sadia Noor

Those three words used separately almost always mean a good thing. That is, unless you’re in the Time Warner Center, in which case the words big, shiny and naked refer to the giant pair of buttocks that assault your vision as you go down the escalator from Borders.

Unless you’re gifted with some sort of artistic insight that the rest of us mere mortals were denied, you’ve probably wondered what kind of message or deeper meaning the artist was possibly trying to convey when he sculpted the pair of gloriously indecent bronze figures. In fact, every time I have to watch someone fellate the sculpture, I wonder the same thing. And considering someone tries to sexually please the statue – Every. Two. Minutes – that’s a lot of wondering to be done.

Well, stop it, because I’ve done all the work for you. Here’s what you need to know about the infamous artwork in the Time Warner Center:

The two statues are officially titled “Adam and Eve” (you can guess which one is which) and were created by Fernando Botero in 1997.  Botero is a Colombian figure artist who is well known for his featuring of “puffed-up” people in his sculptures and paintings. Why does he paint such exaggerated figures? No one, not even Botero knows.

What a lovely aerial view of the sculptures and – dear God, what are those two little girls doing?! Picture courtesy of Wired New York.

There’s no special meaning behind those two figures, but Botero sure does love big people. Apparently, so does the rest of the world, because one very special body part on Adam has been rubbed so much, it’s now shinier than any other part of the sculpture.

Botero also has another work on display in New York at 900 Park Avenue at 79th Street. It’s a giant cat! So if you’ve developed a curious affinity for Botero’s work after all those visits to Whole Foods, you should definitely check Botero’s other work out. Hey, someone needs to figure out what all those sculptures reveal about the state of our society today.

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