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Breaking: Elevator 3 Un-Broken!

Harry Huggins, opinions editor

I just rode the elevator up to my room in McMahon, and guess what! WE HAVE 5 WORKING ELEVATORS IN MCMAHON HALL RIGHT NOW! That’s right, Elevator 3 is back in action, and they haven’t disabled another one yet. I’m not sure anyone can remember with certainty the last time that happened, but it’s been a while.

The only noticeable differences with the new “modernized” car are that the buttons are less smooth and in slightly different placement, and the elevator hums and isn’t as jerky as some other ones. No word yet on whether it takes less time to travel back and forth from the higher floors, but as long as it doesn’t shoot its passengers straight to 20 after every stop on 5, we’ll take it.

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