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This Is My Nightmare: Transit Edition

Harry Huggins, opinions editor

Sometimes life piles it on faster than you can sort through it all and you feel distressed, hopeless and sometimes flat out angry. More distressed than Bambi after hearing that shot. More hopeless than any future Sarah Palin presidential bid. Angrier than that dude from “Network.” You feel like your life is a dream gone horribly wrong: a nightmare.

Last Tuesday, my Journalism class took a field trip to the Wired magazine headquarters in the Conde Nast building. While the tour itself was great, I had an 11:30 class and our Q&A session was running a little long. By the time it was finished, I had 15 minutes to get back to Fordham. My mission: 18 streets and two avenues for a total of 1.5 miles.

If this were my only complaint, I’d expect the reasonable reader to scoff at my complaining. But it wasn’t as easy as taking the subway. This is what I faced in my quest to get to Art History on time:

  1. Rain = Umbrellas threatening my eyes (I’m tall).
  2. Random midday rush of subway users. At lunch? Really?
  4. Having to sit between an old dude with a bulky walker and
  5. A hipster. With gauges. And a beater.

Add all this to the fact that I hate being late even more than I hate hipsters and I had only one thought on my mind: this is my nightmare. What’s yours?

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