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60th Street Back to One-Way Traffic

Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

Photo by Ashley Tedesco

Those of us who were around last year might remember the jarring transition of 60th Street from a one-way, east-bound street to its original two-way glory after years of water main construction. It remained two ways, making move-ins, drop-offs, Ram Van routes and the like simultaneously easier and more of a hassle, for just over a year. We were finally getting used to looking both ways while crossing the street, and now we’ve got to be prepared for speeding taxi cabs traveling east on the north side of the street, ready to play PacMan with students leaving McMahon and headed to Duane Reade or the Olympic Flame.

That’s right: as of late yesterday morning, 60th Street is back to one way, east-bound traffic. For those of you not so great with cardinal directions, that means 60th will only be accessible from Amsterdam Ave. heading toward Columbus–which is most annoying if you’re taking a cab to McMahon Hall from uptown. It’s going to be like this through the end of this academic year, so get used to taking extra precautions while crossing the street on the Amsterdam side. According to an email blast from the University, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible: they are in the midst of water tunnel construction, and the project is scheduled to last 6-9 months. Except I’m pretty sure that’s what they said about the last one, and I think it took about 7 years.

Photo by Ashley Tedesco

While the project is going on, there will be no parking (obviously) in the areas that are blocked off with those beautiful orange barricades. The tennis courts will still be open, and pedestrian traffic will be able to walk on the east side of Amsterdam through constructed walkway, similar to the one that was there last year, as opposed to the sidewalk. As the transition happens over the next day or so, you’ll get to see funny sights, like cars parked back to back, much like these:

Photo by Ashley Tedesco


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