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Commuters: Be Prepared to Dish Out More Money

Cristina Romano

Photo compliments of Gothamist

Once again, even in the wake of recent service cuts, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has approved a fare increase for subways, buses and commuter railroads. Intended to boost MTA revenue by 7.5% as an effort to close the budget gap, the increase passed with a vote of 12-2 on the morning of October 7th. This marks the third straight year that we are forced to dish out more money in order to get from place to place.

So what does this mean for FCLC commuters who are forced to use transit on a daily basis to get to campus? According to an article in the the New York Times , the main increases, which will take effect on December 30th include:

· $1 charge for new MetroCards
· $2.50 for the price of single ride tickets (up from $2.25)
· 3-14% increase on Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road tickets (depending on the fare plan/route)
· $29 unlimited weekly pass (up from ($27)
· $104 30-day unlimited card (up from $89)
· One-day passes and 14-Day unlimited passes discontinued

For a full list of fare hikes, visit the Metropolitan Transportation Authority website at MTA.info

  1. October 13, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    such awful news! but great writing, cristina!

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