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The Days of Abandoned Laundry Are Over!

Diana Denza
Doing laundry at Fordham comes with a price, and it’s not paid in quarters. Though students are provided with free laundry, the hassle of actually washing clothes in the residence halls can be enough to make even the most cash strapped student cough up the cash to pay for dry cleaning.
But according to a new student initiative, the reign of the laundry leavers (you know who you are) has officially ended. Under the new rule, all abandoned articles of clothing found in the laundry room will be bagged each Tuesday and given to charity that Saturday.
So, don’t cry thief when you can’t find that dress you left in the washing machine a month or two ago, because, etiquette aside, the flyer posted on each floor of the residence halls is fair warning. As for me, I’ll be washing my clothes without having to wait for you to vacate three washing machines full of moldy socks and sweaters.
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