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Player of the Week: Blake Wayne

Sarah Fernando

Fordham Rams quarterback Blake Wayne, FCRH’13, made history last week by being the first quarterback in Fordham’s history to rush a game for more than 100 yards (108 in 20 carries). As a result of this, he was awarded the national NCAA FCS honorable mention quarterback performer of the week by the College Football Performance Awards. Because of Wayne’s hard work, dedication, and passion for the game, his fellow players see him leading the Rams to another championship.

“He got what he deserved. I was extremely happy when I heard he was the player of the week. He is the first quarterback in Fordham history to rush for over 100 yards. I’m extremely happy for him. Although we haven’t done extremely well as a team, individually blames hard work paid off,” wide receiver, Jason Caldwell, FCRH’11, said.

Wayne conducts himself well on and off the field and is seen as a team player and a future leader for the Rams. “As the QB he has really taken charge of the offense which is what we really needed from him. Blake is also a great team player, he makes plays and also gives other players an opportunity to make plays,” tight end, Stephen Skelton, FCRH’11, said.

Fordham and viewers are looking forward to seeing how far Wayne will bring the team. “He is going to continue to break records here at Fordham and I’m just happy to be a part of his legacy,” Caldwell said.

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