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This is My Nightmare: Bureaucracy

Harry Huggins, opinions editor

Friday afternoon, I received an email from my undisclosed employer asking for a simple letter saying that I could receive credit for my internship. I also needed to meet with my advisor before registration, so I decided to kill two dolphins with one trash bag and set up a 2:15 meeting with my advisor and a 2:30 with the assistant dean.

2:15. I’m standing outside my advisor’s office, patiently waiting for the last student to finish her meeting.

2:25. I’m still waiting and thinking about how rude and/or selfish it is to take that much time to have casual conversation when there are new kids scheduled for each quarter-hour. I run up four flights of stairs to make it to my other meeting.

2:30. I get my first taste of Fordham’s infamous bureaucracy. It takes 30 minutes and two assistant deans to get a letter that basically says that I have enough credits to get credit for an internship. What it doesn’t say is that I might have to pretend like I’m taking it next semester so I don’t go over the university’s credit limit and have to pay more. Some things just don’t make sense.

3:20. I finally get to meet with my dean and have five minutes of conversation that basically came to two things: lifting my hold and being my potential mentor for internship credit.

All of this took over two hours when I should have been studying, eating or sleeping. This is my nightmare.

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