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Who Says You Can’t Still be a Kid? The Circus Comes to Town

Cristina Romano

Photo courtesy of browdwayworld.com

If you look out some of the windows at FCLC, you may have noticed the Big Apple Circus tent in Damrosch Park. The 33rd season of the Big Apple Circus is under way with a new dance show called “Dance On!” now until January 9th, and yes, there are affordable tickets! Starting at $15, you can see Mongolian contortionists, Chinese lasso twirlers, twelve miniature horses in an equine chorus line and Grandma the Clown (just to name a few!) Who says you can’t still be a kid?

Dance On! Is a way for the Big Apple Circus to “tip their hats to the traditions of the circus and at the same time celebrate the universality of physical movement” according to actor/singer and director of Dance On! Eric Michael Gillet. The new dance theme also features choreography from Peter Pucci as well as Tony award winning costume and set designers. The Big Apple Circus also includes talented performers from around the world – this year’s countries include America, Bulgaria, China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mongolia and Russia.

The Big Apple Circus is perfect if you are looking for something different to do one weekend or if you have younger family members coming for a quick visit. For ticket information visit the Big Apple Circus website, or go visit the box office – it’s only two blocks away!

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