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The Scary Reality Behind Superstitions

Cristina Romano

Photo courtesy of hauntedhousenyc.com

If you break a mirror you have seven years of bad luck. If you open an umbrella inside, or walk under a ladder you will be cursed. Those are a few examples of the most common superstitions that people hold. But what really happens when you break these superstitions? With one visit to “Nightmare: Superstitions” you can find that out.

“Nightmare: Superstitions” takes things one step beyond a traditional haunted house. When you first walk through the doors, you have immediately entered a surreal insane asylum, modeled after the Bloomingdale Lunatic Asylum, which was one of America’s first (but now defunct) psychiatric hospitals. Inside the asylum, you are witness to patients who have been admitted. However not even padded walls can save them, because they are being haunted from the bad luck that they received while breaking common superstitions. The only way to release the patients from their demons is for visitors of “Nightmare: Superstitions” to break superstitions as well in order to be let out.

If you are brave enough to venture downtown to the NOHO Event Center on 623 Broadway at Houston St. (easily accessible by taking the B from Columbus Circle to Broadway-Lafayette) just to be scared out of your mind, “Nightmare: Superstitions” will be running until November 6th – Perfect for a little pre or post Halloween fun. Times vary depending on the day, so check the website in advance before heading downtown. However, if you get scared easily, during select nights there will be a toned down version so scaredy-cats (like me!) don’t get completely freaked out. General admission is $30 in advance or $35 at the door – however student rush tickets are available for $15 if you show up to the box office one hour before show time.

For a complete list of ticket prices, times and other special event nights, make sure to visit their website or their twitter page for a few extra scary bonuses!

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