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Take a Trip With Dali

Diana Denza

Photo by Diana Denza

A new exhibition has come to the Time Warner Center and the Shops at Columbus Circle, presented by Galerie Elysees and curated by the Stratton Foundation and Enrique Sabater y Bonany. Surrealist Salvador Dali’s “The Vision of a Genius” exhibit was erected today on the ground and second floors of The Shops at Columbus Circle and will be available to visitors through the spring. Sixteen bronze sculptures will make up the exhibit.

Whether you’re an art buff or just need a break from those reality shows you’ve been hooked on, The Shops at Columbus Circle’s new exhibit is sure to keep you captivated. The usual statues of the naked man and woman (you know, the ones you and your friends jokingly took pictures with in freshman year) have stepped aside to make way for “The Vision of a Genius”, an exciting exhibition dedicated to renowned surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. Featuring a rare collection of sixteen bronze sculptures, each piece adds an exciting and mystical element to an otherwise routine stroll through the mall.

Photo by Diana Denza

So, even if you can’t actually afford the pricey luxury goods sold inside, at least you can marvel at 5 foot tall fairies, a baby elephant-sized snail, and an array of sculptures that will make you feel as through you took that tumble down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland. Your brain will thank you for a much needed break from Snooki and friends.

This exhibit is open to the public from today through April 30, 2011 and is located on the ground floor and second floor of the shopping center.

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