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Lincoln Center Has First Security Alert in A Really Long Time

Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

We’re all used to them by now: every few weeks, the Fordham community gets an email titled “Security Alert” with roughly the same message in the body: a Fordham student was walking through the Bronx at 4 a.m. with every possible valuable possession they could possibly own out in plain sight, when several males with medium to dark complexions, each somewhere between 5’3″ and 6’1″ and 120-190 pounds, stole his/her iPod, MacBook, BlackBerry, Bose headset, Gucci bag, etc. And they’re all about Rose Hill students.

Not this one. For the first time since, according to my records, June of 2009, a Security Alert regarding a Lincoln Center student has been issued. Apparently, on Saturday morning, a student was walking through the Amsterdam Houses just across the street from campus when four teenaged males tried to steal his cell phone and beat him up somewhat in the process. Security’s warning: “All students are advised not to text/talk on their cell phones while walking in public places, so that they remain alert to their surroundings.”

So, basically, if you’re in public, pretend you are technologically illiterate and therefore carry no devices of any value. And while you’re at it, stash away the Burberry jacket and the Coach rainboots. Jogging through Central Park with an iPod? Definitely not–listen to the birds chirping instead.

Regardless of the rather ridiculous advice, though, we all should be aware that we live in a big city with a lot of different people, no matter how safe we feel wandering off campus alone for a slice of pizza at 2 in the morning. If you know anything about the scuffle at the Amsterdam Houses, or have any further concerns for your own personal safety, you’re urged to contact Security at (212) 636-6076, or the NYPD’s 20th Precinct at (212) 580-6411.

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