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McMahon’s Washdog to the Rescue!

Diana Denza

Have you ever forgotten laundry in one of McMahon’s washing machines, only to come back 3 hours later and find it piled atop a washer in a sopping wet ball? Even if you’re on top of your loads, I’m sure you’ve had times when you lugged two laundry bags full of clothes all the way to the laundry room, only to find that every machine was taken.

Now, you just might be able to avoid the frustration with Washdog, a new Web site that allows you to “check in” your laundry online. The site works like this: laundry-doers can head over to http://www.watchdoglc.com and use the box located at the right of the page to choose a laundry room floor and number of washing machines they plan to use. There is even an option to allow the site to send you a text when your load is done. The site is also available to iPhone users, so if you’re on the go, you’ll know when to skip leaving the library early to do that month old pile of laundry you shoved under your bed.

In theory, this could be a great way for people to keep track of their laundry and could save all students some unneeded headaches and disappointing trips to a full laundry room. Here’s the main hurdle: everyone who uses the washers has to check-in for the site to work effectively. When I visited the site, I noticed that no one else had checked in their laundry on the 16th floor, even though every washer but one was in use.

It would be amazing if a kiosk could be installed outside of McMahon’s three laundry rooms so students can check their laundry in on the spot. Until then, do your fellow students a favor and check-in when you get back to your room. It literally takes two seconds. The site is simple, easy to load, and doesn’t require a registration process.

As for me, I just received a text telling me to pick up my laundry. Reminders can’t come any easier than that.

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