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Burgers and Cupcakes: All the Comfort Food You Can Handle is Under One Roof

Diana Denza

All images by Diana Denza

On the first day of my fall internship, while desperately seeking an afternoon treat to calm my raging sweet tooth, I stumbled upon a small restaurant with a brown awning and flashing neon sign. I stood in front of the joint, with my face pressed to the glass window as I gawked at customers in disbelief.  It was like some divine being had created a special eatery just for me, a heavenly place where my favorite foods, burgers and cupcakes, are served every day.

But I hadn’t died and gone to heaven: two of America’s favorite comfort foods have teamed up at Burgers and Cupcakes right here in Hell’s Kitchen at 458 Ninth Avenue. Though the name doesn’t leave much
to the imagination and the décor consists of plain and uninspiring hues of pink, brown, and orange, the delicious food will quickly erase any former doubts you may have had about walking inside.

There’s no question about what the highlights are here. The classic beef burgers are tender, full of flavor, and cooked to perfection. If you like to cut your burger in half before taking the first bite, you’ll notice the juice from the meat oozing out of the fluffy bun. Vegetarians, don’t fret! This restaurant offers veggie burgers that are fresh, tasty, and well-seasoned. No freezer patties were used in the making of these veggie burgers! Feeling particularly daring? Burgers and Cupcakes boasts a variety of other patties, including turkey, salmon, chicken, portobello mushroom, and free range bison. Though I heartily recommend the burgers, the fries made me wish the cooks from Shake Shack would come in and teach them a thing or two. The limp and mushy potatoes were terribly disappointing.

But the vanilla cupcake I tried for dessert on my first trip quickly made up for the disappointing fries. It left me wishing that cupcake calories didn’t count just so I could have about five more. It’s a good thing they’re stored safely behind a glass display case, because the moist and buttery icing will make it quite difficult for you to limit yourself to just one treat. If you’re tired of the same old cupcake flavors, you can try flavors like mint chocolate chip, marble cake with peanut butter and chocolate ganache, or the lemon cake with
lemon buttercream.

Burgers are about $7.00 each, a side of fries is approximately $3.00, and a small cupcake is $2.75. Salads are around $6.00 and each additional topping for burgers or salads are $1.00 each. Drinks range from $2.00 to $4.50. You can place an order by calling (212) 643-1200. Burgers and Cupcakes is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. For a complete menu and list of prices, visit their Web site.

These cupcakes are not to be missed!

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