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Adding the Oomph: The New Class Presentation

If your professors are anything like mine, class presentations are a big part of your final grade. Every semester, an abundance of chances to trip and fall on the way to the podium, forget everything you rehearsed before class, find yourself unable to answer a basic question, and other wayward presentation moments are thrown at you in the form of the dreaded PowerPoint presentation. Why must us poor college kids be inundated with torturous public speaking? Why can’t we just sulk in the back of the classroom and avoid eye contact like they used to in the good ole’ days?

Truth be told, Powerpoints aren’t nearly as bad as they seem. Just slap together a template, a few pics, and three words worth of description and we’re pretty much good to go. But sometimes, that just isn’t enough. Sometimes, we need bigger & flashier presentations to distract the professor from the fact that we’re tripping over our own words. And that’s where Prezi comes in!

Prezi is an online presentation, slideshow, and storytelling tool that allows people to create PowerPoint-like presentations, but with a touch of extra coolness. Everything can be created on a single infinite canvas – just imagine that the universe is one giant whiteboard. Prezi users can jot everything down on one “slide”, then use the zoom tools to reveal information as they wish, draw directly onto the canvas, add images and videos wherever they please, and more.  For an example of what a Prezi presentation can look like, just visit http://www.prezi.com.

The tool does need some getting used to, but once you get a feel of what the website can offer you, you can definitely create presentations that will stand out from the rest of the cut-and-dry PowerPoints out there. Prezi is a useful tool for students that need to add that extra oomph to their presentations. And hey, who knows? Your professor just might appreciate all that extra effort to distract him.

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