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AQ Kafé Uses the Four Letter Word Everyone Loves to Hear

Diana Denza

Photo by Diana Denza

College students know there is nothing sweeter than the word “free”. As I walked to my internship this morning, I did a double take and almost cheered for my building’s new next door neighbor.

AQ Kafé’s new location at 477 Tenth Avenue is celebrating its grand opening today with coffee and other goodies throughout the week. The best part? It won’t require you to even crack open that wallet.

  • November 16th will be a perfect morning for every coffee addict with no change to spare: this café is serving up free coffee all day.
  • November 17th will allow even the most cash-strapped student to enjoy their daily dose of carbs: from 11am-2pm, sandwiches will be served. No need to hunt for loose change around your dorm to pay for them, either. They’re absolutely free.
  • November 18th will be a great day for sugar lovers in need of an afternoon pick-me-up. Cinnamon buns, which will be served from 3pm-6pm, will give you a sugar high that will get you through your final hours of work. And the fact that they’re free will only make these buns taste all the more sweeter.
  • November 19th will make you love Fridays even more than usual. Before heading to class, wake up with a free cup o’ joe to start your day off right.

And if you’ve managed to miss this weeklong foodie’s dream world, don’t fret too much. This café’s prices can fit even tight budgets: sandwiches range from $8-$10, salads from $11-$13, and pastries from $3-$4. Drinks range from $2-$4. A bagel with cream cheese is $2.25, and if you pick up a menu, you can use the coupon on it for a free coffee with your purchase.

You can place an order by calling (212) 279-4100. AQ Kafé is open Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For a complete menu and list of prices, visit their Web site (AQkafe.com).

[Editor’s note: Check out The Observer‘s review of AQ Kafe’s previous location here.]

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