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Canstruction Exhibit Constructs, Feed Hungry Simultaneously

Cristina Romano

Photo: A giant slice of pumpkin pie was one of the many structures on display in 2009 (photo courtesy of eatmedaily.com)

Finally, construction that you can be happy about! Canstruction, now in its 18th year, opened downtown late last week at the Winter Garden in the World Financial Center. Canstruction is a unique design competition, sweeping over 150 different cities, where engineering professionals and other architects compete to create elaborate structures made entirely from canned foods. And the best part – it is all for a great cause! Once the competition ends, each can is donated to City Harvest to help feed New York’s hungry this holiday season.

The categories in Canstruction include “Best meal”, “Best use of labels”, and “structural ingenuity”. Winners will have their sculptures displayed in the Financial Center from now until November 22nd. Designs from past years include a replica of Coney Island, a slice of pumpkin pie, a 3D world map and a walk/don’t walk sign (just to name a few!)

While there is no admission to Canstruction, visitors are highly encouraged to bring a can of food (such as vegetables, soup or beans) to the exhibition’s collection station – just one can makes a difference. According to Canstruction, last year over 200,000 cans alone were collected – such a perfect and simple way to feel good about yourself and give back to the community right before Thanksgiving.

To get to the World Financial Center, take the 1 train from Columbus Circle down to Rector St. For further information visit Canstruction’s website.

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