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Like Snooki, But Less Wholesome

Sadia Noor

When Jersey Shore first came out, the entire world was up in arms. These people are perpetrating stereotypes, they said! They are reflecting negatively upon the shore culture of Seaside Heights! They promote violence and objectification of women! You will get skin cancer just by watching them! Global warming!

Nonetheless, most of us ended up loving the show anyways and secretly watched it in the dead of the night when we thought everyone else was asleep. But really, we have to draw the line between gratuitous reality tv and lobotomy somewhere, right?

So how’s about we call it quits here:  in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, nudist resort Caliente is currently producing an reality TV show where 7 classy men & women will live, work, and party for 30 days – in the nude. The show will be called “The Naked Truth” and guess what? There’s an open casting call this weekend!

How is this going to work, you ask? Well, film crews are being instructed to “shoot creatively” and leave the rest to the audience’s imagination – not that there’s much to imagine at a NUDIST RESORT. Even more astounding is the fact that there are apparently five different networks interested in airing the show.

Like most of the world, I like to kick back and watch some mindless programming after a long day. But watching a group of people parade around in their birthday suits with conveniently placed ferns and pixilated genitalia sounds, quite frankly, like crap. And I think I’ve had enough crap for now.

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