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Grab a Slice of Cheesy Goodness, Minus the Guilt

Diana Denza

Photo by Diana Denza

Go greener and leaner with Revd Up Pi, a new pizza joint that claims to have the first healthy pizza in Manhattan. It’s located at 451 3rd Ave at 31st Street. (Take the M05 bus from Columbus Circle straight down to 32nd and 5th, and it’s a short walk over to 3rd Ave.) Founded by born and bred New Yorkers with a love for all things involving cheesy toppings and crunchy crusts, this pizza is a combination of fresh, organic, low-calorie ingredients that come together to prove that pizza and health food don’t have to be mortal enemies.

All pizzas are created using filtered water, low-sodium sea salt, and sugar-free dough and sauces with fiber infusions. And the extra care shows in the calorie count: one slice of plain pizza has a mere 170 calories. Compare that to a slice of Sbarro’s pizza, which usually boasts about 400 calories (and that’s a low estimate). A generous slice of the macaroni and cheese pie will still run only 200 calories.

Even if you can’t fight that craving for a gooey cheese-filled calzone, it will only set you back about 400 calories. Not only will it be okay for you to skip the gym afterward, but it’s also made with low-fat mozzarella and 16-grain dough. This place is not simply concerned with counting calories, but also with providing customers well-rounded nutritious meals.

If you’re in the mood for a full entrée, the organic grilled chicken parmigana will be a tasty guilt-free treat. The full meal includes sides of whole wheat pasta, grilled veggies, and a 16-grain garlic knot, all for fewer than the 500 calorie meal suggestion.

Slices are approximately $4 each, entrees range from $11 to $17, sandwiches are about $10 and beverages range from $2-$4. Salads, soups, and breakfast specials are $14 or under.
It’s well worth the price, as the portions are generous (no bite-sized slices served here!), the sauce passes even my standards (I grew up with an Italian grandmother…enough said), and it’s actually quite difficult to believe at first that these dishes won’t clog your arteries.
You can place an order by calling (212) 679-3743. Revd Up Pi is open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 7am-12am, Thursday and Friday from 7am-5am, Saturday from 9am-5am, and Sunday from 9am-12am. For a complete menu and list of prices, visit their Web site (RevdUpPi.com).
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