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A Peek Inside the Messy New TJ Maxx: Just Skip It!

Cristina Romano

Photo by Cristina Romano

If there is one thing that I love, it is a discount – especially when it comes to clothes. So, naturally I was excited about the new TJ Maxx opening last week on 57th and 8th. For months, I walked by the location and watched the construction take place, all in anticipation of the grand opening. On Friday evening, I finally went in – and was slightly disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible, but it’s just was not what I had expected based on the exterior appearance. The first floor contains a nice selection of leather and fur handbags, scarves, gloves and holiday gift items (think: massive gift baskets of moisturizer, shower gel and loofas), but stay on the first floor if you want more of a leisurely shopping experience and do not want to get trampled. This is saying a lot coming from me – I consider myself a champion shopper, unafraid to knock someone over to get to a top or a pair of shoes that I want. The second floor is not for the weak.

Once you get to the second floor of the store (should you choose to accept the challenge) it is every person for herself or himself. I couldn’t tell whether this was because other people like me were just as excited about the opening and wanted to run all around the store, or because the aisles were too small – probably a combination of both. Fair warning: if you have a large bag with you, be prepared to get angry looks from other shoppers for blocking their way from the racks to the registers.

The selection of clothing in general is hit or miss, and does not seem to be organized at all. There were random kids clothes thrown in the men’s section, and the women’s jeans selection seemed as though it had been rifled through for months. Overall, it was one big mess. Not to mention, the store is already filthy – how does that happen when it has only been open a week? You would never know this store just celebrated its grand opening.

Verdict: Skip it. I know one thing, I will not be returning to the TJ Maxx on 57th and 8th unless I really, really, really need to for some odd circumstance – like if I need a 50 pound shower gel/moisturizer/loofa basket set for my bathroom.

For better deals head to Loehmann’s on 2101 Broadway (at 74th St) I swear by it. While you are there, sign up for their insider gold card to get a 10% discount every time you shop. You will not be disappointed by the selection – especially in the Back Room. Think: designers such as Marc by Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabbana for an H+M price. Shopping at TJ Maxx felt like I was cheating on Loehmann’s, and I have learned my lesson to never do it again.

  1. Geoffery
    February 1, 2011 at 3:08 am

    These stores aren’t organized much more than size because they don’t usually have the same thing for more than a couple weeks. The shipments come in all mixed up in boxes several times a week and have to be put on the floor the same day avoiding backstock. The display fixtures have to be used to display an ever changing variety of merchandise. There really isn’t time in a day for the typical store team to organize and maintain the store as well as a place like Macy’s because Macy’s will have a higher quantities of fewer styles and they will change much slower. The same higher quantities-slower change would also apply to Wal-Mart, who also buys more consistently.

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