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No Need to Explain, Lulu. These Treats Speak for Themselves.

Diana Denza

Photo by Diana Denza

I am quite the spoiled intern. Last week, I enjoyed a delicious lunch of pizza, pasta, and meatballs (an Italian girl’s heaven). And when I tiredly crawled into work one morning last week, I was pleasantly surprised by a sweet-smelling white box sitting on my desk just waiting to be opened.
I excitedly unwrapped the package, hoping for a sweet treat that would provide a much-needed morning sugar rush. Thankfully, my prayers were answered with a dozen bites of sugary goodness.
My drooping eyelids widened at the sight of a creamy peanut butter cupcake and an exquisite black sesame cupcake frosted with luscious halvah buttercream. But that wasn’t all: I also received crunchy walnut chocolate chip cookies, heart-shaped linzer tarts, and two chocolate cookies joined by rich white cream that beat those Oreos you’ve been munching on. Hands down.
So where did I receive these delectable delights? Well, we happened to be sampling these treats from the new Lulu Cake Boutique in Manhattan, located at 112 Eighth Avenue at 16th Street.
Besides the full inventory of cookies and cupcakes, the bakery offers a host of other items such as upscale versions of Oreos, Yodels, and Twinkies that will make you forget all about those original cheap childhood favorites you couldn’t leave the grocery store without.
It also carries several other classics like classic blackout cake, German chocolate, red velvet and coconut cakes, slabs of “Fig Newton” bars, coconut snowballs, scones, muffins, and croissants.
You can place an order by calling (212) 242-5858. Bars, cupcakes, large cookies, and smaller items like snowballs range from $2.50 to $4. Cakes are $4.50 a slice. For a complete menu and list of prices and hours, visit their Web site (Chelsea.EverythingLulu.com).
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