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‘Tis the Season for… Gift Wrapping!

Cristina Romano

Photo courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

Are you pressed for time with finals, papers and numerous amounts of projects right before the holiday season? Have you gotten gifts for your family and friends, but don’t have time to wrap them (or are you just a terrible gift wrapper?) Well, the answer is simple – let someone else do it for you! The only thing you have to do is take a break from your fifteen page research paper and walk over to Borders in Time Warner and you are all set! Maybe while you are there, you can pick up a few extra gifts for your family on your holiday gift list (talk about one stop shopping!)

Starting tomorrow, December 1st, and continuing throughout the holiday season, local not-for-profit charities will be at the Borders store doing the wrapping task for you. While there is no cost for their wrapping services, a charity donation is highly encouraged to support their cause. In the end, not only will you be done with all your wrapping, but you will also feel good about yourself for making a generous contribution right before the holidays.

Before you run over there with a bag of gifts rivaling Santa’s sleigh, get in the holiday spirit right here on campus. Don’t miss FCLC’s very own tree lighting tonight at 5:30 on the outdoor plaza, hosted by USG and CAB! Free mugs and hot chocolate will also be provided – how can you go wrong? ‘Tis the season!

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