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Legos Aren’t Just Child’s Play

Cristina Romano

Photo: "Cracking Up", one of thirteen sculptures that is featured in Nathan Sawaya's unique Chelsea exhibit. (Courtesy of agora-gallery.com)

Admit it: you still love playing with Legos. Apparently so does Nathan Sawaya, who has created an art exhibit consisting entirely of Lego sculptures. Entitled “RED: The LEGO Brick Sculpture of Nathan Sawaya”, this unique exhibit runs through December 14th at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea, and features thirteen life-size art pieces made entirely out of the iconic toy.

Sawaya, a New York-based artist, works primarily with the little plastic bricks and has over 1.5 million of them in his art studio, according to his website. This particular exhibit also contains over a million Legos, which are formed together to address “the issue of self through symbolism to express his surrealistic ideology” according to the Agora Gallery. The sculptures show a transformation of emotions – for example, one particular sculpture, called “Kissing” shows a red Lego sculpture kissing, while another one in the same exhibit called “Trapped” features a red Lego man seemingly trying to get out of a box. Each sculpture in the exhibit works together seamlessly to show the versatility of human emotions – and of Legos themselves.

The Agora Gallery, which is located on 530 W. 25th St, can be easily accessed by taking the C train from Columbus Circle to the 23rd St. stop and walking a few blocks. The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11 a.m – 6 p.m. While you are not obligated to buy anything while viewing the pieces, the sculptures are on sale – that is, if you have a couple thousand to spend.

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