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Attention Fordham residents! New Recycling Program!

Fatima Shabbir

Did you know that if you throw just one piece of garbage in a recycling bin, nothing in that bin gets recycled?

Even if you’re trying to save the environment one Styrofoam cup at a time, you can do the right thing and throw your garbage away properly, and someone else can mess it up by throwing in the wrong things! That adds up – think of how many people throw away garbage in McMahon Hall everyday.

So our friends in the Environmental Club decided to take action in McMahon to combat this recycling dilemma. They are looking for environmentally conscious residents to join them in their efforts to collect recyclables to ensure they get recycled. So far, the 2nd, 3rd and 13th floors all have designated people lined up to collect pre-sorted recyclables by students on their floor.  When this student collects the recyclables, which will be at least once a week, they will take it to the designated trash room where they will ensure your products get recycled and that your efforts aren’t for naught.

Please contact environmentalclub@fordham.edu for more information.

There is also a Terracycle bin in the second floor trash room. This bin is only for wrappers, so make sure you’re using it correctly! Terracycle is a company that uses candy, gum, cookie and other food wrappers to make really cool products like bags and wallets.

  1. Fatima
    December 14, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Hey guys! Just want to let you all know that the email for the environmental club is wrong.
    It is fordhamenvironmental@gmail.com – this initiative starts next semester so volunteer!

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