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Done Using All of your Textbooks?

Cristina Romano

Photo courtesy of textbooktown.com.

Are you done using that philosophy textbook that you haven’t opened all semester? Good! Now sell it back so you have some extra spending money for the holidays! According to a campus-wide email from the Vice President for Student Affairs, The Fordham bookstore will be buying back textbooks starting on Monday, December 13th until Thursday, December 23rd. The email also listed some tips to follow, in order to get the most money for your textbooks.

1) Sell back as early as possible during finals week – Although, don’t make the mistake of selling back your book before you study for your exam! However, the earlier you sell back your books, the more cash you will get!
2) Keep books in good condition – Maybe it’s not the best idea to sell back the book you doodled your name all over the front cover of – the bookstore probably will not accept it.
3) Return ALL components that were originally with the book, such as CD’s, etc. – That is, if you can find them among all the papers and notebooks piled up on your desk.
4) Bring your current student ID! – So the bookstore knows who you are!

So, happy holidays from Fordham! Since you are at the bookstore anyways, why don’t you kill two birds with one stone and buy someone in your family a nice Fordham sweatshirt – or maybe just a nice bumper sticker.

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