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Nothing Tastes as Good as Free Cupcakes!

Cristina Romano

Photo courtesy of Crumbs.com.

What is better than a rich, gooey cupcake? Well, when that rich, gooey cupcake is completely free of course! To celebrate the grand opening on Saturday, December 11th, the new Crumbs location on 775 Columbus Avenue (between 97th and 98th) will be giving away a free cupcake to the first 1,000 people waiting (im)patiently outside.


Crumbs opens at 8 a.m, so in order to ensure that you get a free cupcake, you better get there a few hours early, because they will go fast! Yes, I know that 8 a.m. is early especially on a Saturday, but try to get past that and think of how delicious it will be when you finally have a free cupcake in your hands. Although, unfortunately, even though Crumbs has over 50 irresistible flavors (I’m partial to the cookie dough and Squiggle, myself) the free cupcakes are limited to one per person.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are just rolling into McMahon early Saturday morning after a long night, or are simply an early bird who loves free things, head over to the subway, and take the 1 to 96th St and get your hands on free deliciousness. You (and your wallet) will not regret it!

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