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Unlike NYC Public Schools and the UN, No Snow Day for Fordham

Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

For all of you who keep hoping a snow day could still be in the works, I’m here to crush your dreams. As of 8 a.m., Fordham’s inclement weather hotline–(212) 636-7777–is reporting that classes beginning at or after 10 a.m. today at Lincoln Center (and at or after 10:50 at Rose Hill) are indeed on as scheduled. Sorry, folks.

However, if you’re a lucky one (like me! Sorry!) your professor may cancel individual classes, dependent upon his or her individual commute. Professors have been encouraged by administration to let students know themselves if they plan on missing class, so check your Fordham emails before trekking through the snow (or the long, lonely corridor from McMahon to Lowenstein) to get to a class that may have been cancelled.

There are several delays and service changes on the MTA for those commuting today. As of this morning, it seems all bus service as been suspended, and electric trains are being pulled by diesel engines to push through the snow. All lines are running, but they are all delayed. Get up-to-the-minute details here.

Keep checking the Observatory for more details as this winter weather situation develops. Mass delays or cancellations will be reported right here! And for those still forced to travel today, be careful!

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