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Gaming Can Save the World!

Cristina Romano

Photo courtesy of Amazon

What if playing video games could save the world? Sounds far-fetched, right? Wrong. Game designer, Oprah’s 2010 O Magazine Power List nominee and FCLC alum, Jane McGonigal ’99 proves that video games are not only instrumental in helping us fight depression and obesity, but they can also help us solve more complex worldly problems.

How does this work? One of McGonigal’s interactive games, titled “World Without Oil,” presents an alternate-reality situation in which participants are encouraged to come up with ways to deal with a massive oil shortage in the U.S by posting blogs, videos and photos on how they can help to conserve resources. According to McGonigal, brainstorming with ways to deal with such a situation in alternate reality allows you to be “your most creative self without worrying about the real-life stakes.”

McGonigal will talk about the benefits of gaming and more when she presents her new book, Reality is Broken: Why Games Make us Better and How they can Change the World tomorrow, Wednesday, February 2, at 4:30 in the 12th floor lounge. This event is part of FCLC’s Industry Leadership Series, which profiles successful alumni in their chosen fields. The event, which is the “first of many” according to Kimberly Morgan, associate director of alumni relations, “gives students the opportunity to hear from a prominent FCLC alumni figure, while also engaging with alumni guests that have shared in the unique FCLC experience.” Morgan also hopes that current Fordham students will take advantage of this opportunity when they graduate and “return as alumni while the program continues to grow.”

For more information, and to RSVP, visit the event page on the Fordham website. The first 25 attendees will receive a free copy of her book! And just remember, you are never too old to play games!

  1. February 2, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    GREAT article Cristina!

    And you’re right Gamification has the power to change and improve many aspects of our world!

    Here’s a post from Ray Wang talking about how they can be applied to improving business systems!


    Also, we had a recent #MMchat and there was quite a bit of talk on gamification in relation to customer loyalty programs!


    Keep up the awesome work!




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