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Time is Running Out to Apply for Graduation

Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

Anybody notice we weren’t told anything about the need to apply to graduate until about 10 days before the deadline? Well, there’s even less time than that now. If seniors don’t get their applications completed online by Saturday, they “will have to take alternative steps to apply for graduation,” whatever that means. It sounds scary, and nobody wants to deal with Fordham red tape any more than they have to (right?) so if you haven’t already seen the email, follow the steps below to pave the way to pomp and circumstance.

1.Sign on to my.fordham.edu
2.Go to the Student Tab and click on Student Self Service
3.Click on Student Records
4.Click on Apply to Graduate

Oh, and by the way, just as a little sidenote, they added something along the lines of “Bee tee dubs, can’t access it? You probs can’t graduate. Call your dean. Thanks!” Don’t stress. If your major, minor, or other important information, like mine, is listed incorrectly on my.fordham, contact your class dean (who, by the way, is now, for most of us, Dean Pancza-Graham given that Dean Petit-Hall is on leave) BEFORE you fill out the online form. And cross your fingers that this is the last of the annoying run-around we’ll have to deal with as Fordham students.

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