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It’s Time to Celebrate World Nutella Day!

Cristina Romano

Eating a Nutella Bomboloni is one of the many ways you can celebrate World Nutella Day on February 5th. (Photo by Cristina Romano)

It’s time to forget that other February holiday, and celebrate one that is a little more meaningful – World Nutella Day. In its fifth year, World Nutella Day takes place on Saturday, February 5th, and what better way to celebrate than to take a spoon and dig straight into the jar of chocolate-hazelnut goodness. However, if you want to try something a little different, there are a few places in the neighborhood that can provide you with your Nutella fix.


Head to 187 Columbus Ave (between 68th and 69th) to Bomboloni and you will find yourself in a Nutella-lovers paradise. Bomboloni, which is the name for an Italian donut, offers over twenty flavors of these crème filled Italian treats – and you guessed it, Nutella is one of the flavors (pictured above). Each Bomboloni is only $1.50, but I dare you to eat only one (I tried, It’s not possible…)

If you head a little further uptown to to 176 W. 72nd (at Amsterdam Ave.) you will find yourself at Grandaisy Bakery where you can pick up a few Nutella cookie sandwiches. Sounds simple, but how could you possibly go wrong with a thin layer of Nutella sandwiched in between delicious sugar cookies? As if the thought of Nutella cookie sandwiches could not get any better, they are then topped off with a layer of powdered sugar – talk about delicious!

Once you come back from Bomboloni and Granddaisy (that is, if you aren’t paralyzed by a food coma) visit Grom on 1796 Broadway (right by Columbus Circle) and warm up with a cup of cioccolata calda al “Bacio” This is not your average Swiss Miss hot chocolate. The “cioccolate calda al Bacio” tastes like hot, melted Nutella in a cup. You will never go back to regular hot chocolate again…trust me.

Have a happy and delicious World Nutella Day!

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