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BREAKING: English Department Boycotts Fordham Bookstores

Christina Frasca, news co-editor

The English Deparment at Fordham University has officially boycotted the Barnes and Noble Bookstores on both Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses, following a meeting on Feb. 9.

Citing widespread dissatisfaction with Bookstore policies and practices regarding ordering and displaying texts, as well as eighteen months of failed appeals by the Faculty Senate and Fordham administration, the English Department has decided to go through with the boycott beginning with the Fall 2011 semester.

According to a statement released by the English Department, it is specifically protesting the following matters:

1. Barnes and Noble’s policy of cutting faculty orders: Bookstore managers reducing the number of books ordered per class without consulting the professors, thus resulting in chronic shortages.
2. The Bookstore’s inexplicable failure to order texts in the specified editions: Despite instructor’s efforts to supply ISBN numbers, the wrong editions of textbooks are continuously ordered.
3. The Bookstore’s failure (particularly at Rose Hill) to display books so that students and faculty can readily see them, and to keep them on the shelves: Shelves are crowded with texts stacked behind one another, with some essential texts never making it to the shelf from their boxes. Students have also found that if they are trying to buy a book four weeks into the semester, the bookstore has already returned the unsold copies to make room for new shipments. The growing amount of floor space for the sale of non-books (clothing in particular) has increased these problems. 

The English Department is also looking for ways to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, which requires that ISBNs and prices be included in online listings. 

“Despite our deep and abiding commitment to print culture, we call for this Bookstore boycott because we have lost confidence in the Barnes and Noble’s willingness—or ability—to tailor its policies to the needs and interests of Fordham’s academic community,” the press release stated. “We are boycotting not because we feel a campus bookstore is a quaint anachronism, but rather because we believe it should be a vital and reliable part to the university’s academic culture.”

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  1. Thomas
    February 18, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    Good, Barnes and nobles sucks and the bookstores never have anything in stock. Corporations need to tighten standards and improve quality for their valued consumers.

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