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Seniors: Time is Running Out! Order Your Cap & Gown!

Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

Anyone notice that it seems like someone forgot to tell us seniors that we need to order our cap and gown until a week before the deadline? If you haven’t checked your Fordham email or campus mailbox in the last three or four days, you might not know it, but the deadline to order caps and gowns in order to walk at graduation is this Friday, March 4.

Don’t stress; it only takes a few minutes. Click this link and follow the steps listed, select your degree and input some basic information. Fordham is picking up the tab (for a change!) on caps, gowns and tassels, so you don’t have to worry about providing a payment method. Unless, of course, you’re interested in purchasing a souvenir “2011” tassel for $8.50 or some of the other goodies, like Fordham seal cufflinks or a diploma frame.

Don’t forget to save a confirmation of your order and bring it with you to the Graduate Salutes, which will be held on April 6 and 7. There, you can pick up your cap and gown and purchase the other goodies I just mentioned, and then some. Why are you still reading this? Go get your cap and gown!

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