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Campus Happenings: The Gloomy Skies and Goodbyes Edition

Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

It’s another dreary day outside, but there’s still plenty to celebrate: like a five-day weekend! To everyone who is celebrating a holiday this week, I hope it’s happy and full of your favorite foods and traditions. To those of you traveling, make it a safe trip. And to everyone reading this, thanks for a great year with The Observatory! Today is my last official day as blog editor, and I’m excited to pass the title along to Sadia Noor, who will start on Tuesday as blog editor, along with Observatory regular Cristina Romano, who will serve as assistant blog editor. It’s been real, all!

Desi C.H.A.I is hosting another round of Bhangra Dance Classes open to anyone who would like to learn. They will take place at 1 p.m. in the South Lounge.

Need to relax before heading home to a big family get-together? Check out the Yoga and Mindfulness Club’s weekly yoga class at 4:30 in LL 515.

Feeling a little like Elle Woods? Or maybe Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny? Then Mock Trial might just be for you! Check out the Mock Trial Workshop at 6 p.m. in McMahon 205/206 to get a taste of what the club is up to and sign up to be a part of next year’s tournament season.

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