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Sodexo Defends Cleanliness and Safety at Town Hall

Cristina Romano

Bacon-wrapped scallops, spanakopita, mini cone shaped quesadillas with salsa and fresh cookies. When you think of these things, is the first thing that pops into your head Sodexo? Probably not. However, these were the items that were served at the Sodexo Town Hall hosted by USG in the South Lounge on April 19th. Perhaps with the three failed inspections that took place at the Rose Hill campus recently, when you think of Sodexo, it is more appropriate to conjure up images of unsanitary working conditions and vermin in your greasy, fattening side dishes.

However, even though FCLC has passed all NYC Health inspections, students still came out to express their concerns of cost, (lack of) cleanliness and the future of FCLC dining at the Town Hall. According to Brian Poteat, General Manager of Fordham University Hospitality Services, who was on hand to answer questions, the violations on the Rose Hill campus were “unacceptable. We moved forward and did a lot of corrective actions.” He wants students to become more connected with the Sodexo staff if they, say, become violently ill after eating a turkey sandwich on tomato focaccia at Sandella’s. “Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at bpoteat@fordham.edu or to USG at usglc@fordham.edu,” he told the seemingly unconvinced room of students. “Better me, because I can control the issue,” he said.

Poteat then went on to reassure everyone in the room that at FCLC, food checks are being made more often than what is required. “There is a ‘danger zone’ for food” he stated, “food can’t be held out of the required temperature zone and has to be replaced after four hours… Sodexo does it in two hours.” Also, he noted that baked goods are discarded at the end of the day in order to ensure “freshness” – maybe that would explain why the roll I purchased last Thursday almost broke my teeth?

Nicollette Harrington, FCLC ’13, brought up another issue, which is commonly shared among residents and commuters alike – Why is everything so expensive?! According to Poteat, this is because the Lowenstein café is a “retail cafeteria… we do competitor analysis and check prices in the neighborhood. We will be looking at prices over the summer.” [Editor’s Note: So… “We’re doing it right. But uh, we’ll probably fix it when no one is looking.”?]

At the end of the town hall, Poteat encouraged students to take him up on the offer of a “tour of the facilities” to ensure that Sodexo is doing its job to keep the Fordham dining community safe. I would have taken him up on the offer, but I really don’t want to want to know the story behind my beloved chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks.

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  1. Diana
    April 20, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    Went to get chili the other day (late afternoon), and the top of it was crusty. Bought a salad instead and found an EYELASH IN IT. Cleanliness my a**

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