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Snapped!: The Yay Sunshine! Edition

Snapped by Ashley Tedesco

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Snapped! The Home Opener Edition

Snapped by Cristina Romano

April 8th, 2011 – Despite gray skies and freezing temperatures, excitement and patriotism were still on hand for the Mets home opener.

Editor’s Note: The Mets lost 6-2 to the Nationals, making it a somewhat frustrating home opener for those of us shivering beneath multiple layers of clothing.

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Snapped: At work on the Visual Arts gallery display

Snapped by Ashley Tedesco

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Snapped!: IDK either, 14th floor!

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Snapped by Ashley Tedesco

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Snapped: Streak Across America!

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Christina Frasca, news editor

What bright colors! Photo by Christina Frasca.

A sneak peak at the new Streak. (Say that ten times fast!) Photo by Christina Frasca.

Dell is promoting its newest gadget, the Streak, with a fun promotional tour called “Streak Across America!” This weekend, colored mannequins appeared in Columbus Circle. Tourists and New Yorkers alike crowded around to try to get a photo with the creative characters. There were also sample gadgets next to the mannequins for lookers-on to test out. They’ve packed up for now, but if you missed these colorful creatures, they’ll be in major cities across the country all autumn. Get more details here.

SNAPPED! Bookmobile!

Photo courtesy of Jamie Auletta

By Jamie Auletta

Right here in our Fordham community, this car of books is permanently parked. One quirky and quite small in stature gentlemen owns the car and the books it in, and uses the busy street to operate his business. Each morning, he unloads the car and sets up the books on a foldable table (also stored in the car) and at the end of the day packs up all the books into the car again to be stored overnight. This picture was taken at 9 p.m., and it was obvious that he had closed shop for the day. Talk about an independent bookseller! His “shop” is located on Columbus Ave. at 68th St. I can’t imagine the tickets this man must accumulate, but I guess it’s cheaper than paying Upper West Side rent, right?

Snapped! Spring’s a-Bloomin’

Dear FCLC, spring is officially upon us. 
I know this not just because of the plaza being taken over by random high-school kids
playing Frisbee, or because  of the sudden buzzing of life among my peers who are reduced to zombies during the winter, but the
sight of Magnolias budding  at the plaza entry near the front of the school. I’m a junior, and I’ve looked forward to this
phenomenon every year.  Even though they’re only in full bloom for a couple of weeks the sight is breathtaking and their aroma
makes me forget I’m in the city for a second, reminding me of my past summers in the south. I know we’ve had continually random
bouts of cold and rain, but these magnolia buds should give hope that brighter days are ahead! 

-Courtney Henrey